Do I need a beautiful body to attend Naked Minnesota events?

What is a beautiful body? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and they are right. Age and looks have little to do with anything unless you are trying to get your picture on the cover of GQ. One of the most basic fundamentals of nudism is that EVERY body is beautiful. And if you believe all you need is a "perfect" body and no personality, you'll quickly find that nudists have little time for you.

Recognizing that sexual attraction and body acceptance are two very different things helps everyone accept people no matter the age or look. Since we are not a sex club we don't need attendees of our events to suit our sexual attractions and instead, seek those with similar interests and interesting personalities. Nudists usually learn to accept their bodies more by seeing the infinite variety around them and, while enjoying seeing beautiful bodies (of course we do!), also gain more appreciation for the whole person.

We understand that genetics, health and many other factors influence the shape of our bodies. No, we don't promote an unhealthy lifestyle of undereating, overeating or lack of exercise, but we don't judge you simply by looking at you. Of course, misuse of drugs and alcohol are not tolerated.

The only age limitation is the requirement that you be at least 18 years of age to attend our events. We have members under 21 and others nearing 70. Most who join are around 40.

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