Where's the closest nude beach?

There are no official nude beaches available to the public in Minnesota. Locations in the Twin Cities such as Twin Lake, the Misssissippi River Flats and Lake Sweeney have a history of nude use but it is NOT RECOMMENDED to use these sites at this time since all are patrolled and ticketed heavily. Other sites such as the Lester River near Duluth and along Lake Pepin south of Red Wing also have a history of use but this is generally limited to locals and is risky.

The only "legal" nude beach in the midwest was Mazomanie Beach on the Wisconsin River Near Sauk City in Wisconsin. Sadly, the beach was closed to use in 2016 by the State of Wisconsin who blamed extensive drug-use and sexual behavior on the beach as the reason. Unwarranted and exaggerated, but enough to use as an excuse by factions who have tried shutting it down for many years.

So the sad answer is, there are no nude beaches anywhere near us.

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