What's the difference between a NUDIST and a NATURIST?

According to Wikipedia, "Naturism (which is generally equated with nudism) concerns a lifestyle in which nudity, especially in a communal context, is viewed as natural, positive and healthy. While naturist clubs and resorts in the United States date back to the 1930's, gay naturist organizations did not emerge until the early 1980's."

These days either word is usually acceptable to describe someone who likes to be naked. In the past, a NUDIST was usually someone who belonged to a organized facility or group that included aspects of nudity and health and fitness. The modern name is NATURIST and describes someone who like to be naked in non-sexual private and social situations. Don't confuse it with NATURALISTS, those who study, interpret, and teach about the environment.

Naked Minnesota uses both nudist and naturist when describing itself and activities.

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