About Our Group

Naked Minnesota is a gay and bisexual naturist social group based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Established in 1989 as the Minnesota Polar Bares, the group name changed in March 1997 and has continued to grow into one of the most active and well-respected of the gay naturist groups in the United States.

As a "non-landed" club (one which owns no property), all the events hosted by the group are at members homes, on public lands or in rented facilities. Membership is restricted to males ages 18 and over and now exceeds 350 men. The group includes members of many age levels, body styles, and interests and invites all men who are interested in social and recreational nudity to check us out.

What We Do

Naked Minnesota usually has four to six naked events monthly including cocktail parties, swimming, gayme nites, pot lucks, campouts, and holiday celebrations. Special events like Nude Bowling and Health Club Nites are sometimes shared with other local male/female nudist groups. Events are often held on Saturday nights, with occasional Sunday and weekday events mixed in. Most events are held within the Twin Cites metro area, but some trips to outstate areas and other states are part of the fun.

A small fee, usually $5, is charged to cover the costs associated with the events. Attendees should always bring a towel to sit on and while the group does not provide alcoholic beverages for any events, attendees may supply their own if they are desired. Smoking and accessibility to events is limited by the event venue and the host(s) involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Join the Fun

Most Naked Minnesota events are private and you must be a paid member to receive details on the time and location to attend. Guests are usually welcome but must be accompanied by a current member or receive permission from an N-Minn Board Member in advance of the event.

We require that you attend a trial event as a guest before we offer you a membership (unless you are already a member of another naturist group). This gives you the chance to check things out before you make a financial commitment and helps us screen out those who may not be appropriate for the group. About the only way you can be excluded is for drug/alcohol misuse or inappropriate sexual behavior. As long as you're 18 years of age we don't care how old you are or what your physical appearance is like.

After your successful trial event, you will be given a membership form to complete. If you decide to join, the yearly rates are $10 to $30 depending on how you get your newsletter (via mail or email) and if you are joining as a single or a couple. Membership includes a subscription to an official monthly newsletter and events calendar, a private Yahoo Group, and access to all of the Naked Minnesota events during the year.

Getting in Contact

For General Questions: AskUs@nakedmn.org

To Attend An Event: TryUs@nakedmn.org

For Media or Other Official Inquiries: President@nakedmn.org

Gallery Page

Here's your chance to get a peek into our events. We are a nudist group. In our photo gallery you will see naked men. If you do not want to see naked men don't look at our gallery.

Please note that for privacy reasons we have a limited number of pictures we post and in some cases faces are obscured.

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Links & Other Resources

Naked Minnesota is just a small part of the nudist and naturist world! You may not be male or live close enough to try us out. We invite you to explore further by checking out these links to other resources on the web.

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Nope, those X-Ray specs advertised in the back of comic books didn't work…BUT OURS DO!

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