Why should I get naked with Naked Minnesota?

The idea of getting naked, especially in front of other people, is a notion most people regard as a scary one. We have been taught that our bodies are private and meant to be hidden. Over the years we have been told that our bodies are too thin, too fat, too tall, too short, too hairy, too "dirty" or a hundred other things. Rarely do we feel like we look good and have pride in our bodies. We associate nudity with sex, so usually a sex partner is the only one who ever sees us naked. Well, that's only one idea of how things should be!

There are a growing number of people who are realizing that we don't need to be afraid of our, or other people's, bodies and are finding ways to spend their social and work time without clothing. Often called nudists, their formal name is NATURISTS. Naturists have discovered they can enjoy being around bodies of many shapes, ages, and colors. They don't need to have sex every time they are nude or don't get erect or stimulated every time they see someone they find attractive. Naturists often express how they feel as if they are shedding costumes they are forced to wear every day and how socializing in the nude relaxes them. Certainly there is a need to protect our bodies from heat and cold, but there is no need to wear clothes to watch TV or a swimsuit in a pool.

Most naturists don't advocate walking nude down city streets and have no desire to be around those who don't care to see nudity. They're not exhibitionists. There are very few places in Minnesota where public nudity is legal. With 10,000+ lakes and rivers galore, naturists are understandably confused why there's not even one legal nude beach in the state. Naturists from Minnesota travel to beaches and resorts all over the globe to enjoy their lifestyle with others or join a local club like Naked Minnesota.

So why should you get naked? The answer is really up to you. Not everyone feels a need to enjoy social nudity, but then again, many people have never had the opportunity to try it out! Think about it.

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